Ms. Chana Krasnjanski

Ms. Chana Krasnjanski
Ms. Chana Krasnjanski received her BA in English from Brooklyn College and an MA in English from Brooklyn College with a concentration in Education. She has taught at Bais Rivkah of Crown Heights, Yeshiva of Flatbush, and the Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School.


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To Thine Own Self Be True: Authenticity and Spirituality in the Modern Orthodox Classroom Featuring Ms. Chana Krasnjanski

This issue of INSIDE THE CONVERSATION is the third in our series on Spirituality and the Modern Orthodox Yeshiva High School. It focuses on the role of authenticity in the classroom and its connection with spirituality. Is there value for teachers and students to bring their spiritual identities in the classroom? How do teachers and students navigate authenticity when it does not align fully with the school’s values? To explore these questions, this issue features a paper by and podcast with Ms. Chana Krasnjanski, an SAR High School English teacher and a member of the Machon Siach Faculty Beit Midrash Spirituality workgroup.

Posted May 23, 2022 & Featuring Ms. Chana Krasnjanski