Makom B’Siach

A collaborative, high-level, immersive Torah learning experience for SAR parents where you will discover ideas you have never considered and marvel at the collective wisdom of fellow parents.

How does the program connect with SAR learning?

Makom B’Siach is taught by two longtime SAR faculty members, who regularly draw from their classroom experiences in their teaching. The dynamic, intellectually rigorous, and respectful learning environment of Makom B’Siach mirrors the SAR high school classroom. You will not be listening in on your children’s learning, but you will be learning in a similar style. More importantly, you may be discussing topics that your children explore. 

Program Dates:

October 16 | November 6 | December 4 | January 8 | February 5 | March 4 | April 1 

For more information about the program and how you can join the next cohort

Makom B’Siach Leadership