Siach Graduate Fellowship

While colleges encourage and support students’ aspirations in these areas, post college life can lack natural spaces for such engagement, especially as graduates navigate new professional and social landscapes. In the Siach Graduate Fellowship, an intimate cohort of Young Professionals, together with SAR faculty members and guest speakers, engage in text study, conversation, and reflection on three topics that confront the American Modern Orthodox community, with an eye toward further developing their intellectual and religious identities.

Sharing the Sicha:

This fellowship aims to allow fellows to be “kovea itim” – to carve out space – for religious and intellectual growth that their otherwise busy lives would not allow for. An important element of this experience is that our conversations extend beyond the fellowship meetings. In this vein, SGF fellows will be asked to contribute to a current project of Machon Siach, related to the broader work we do, engaging contemporary issues through in-depth study, practical scholarship, and action research. This component will be further explained as the fellowship commences.

The fellowship is available to those who graduated college between 2013 and 2023.
Note: this fellowship is open to all Young Professionals, SAR alumni and non-alumni alike. 

Applications are due by Thursday, October 5th.

Program Dates:

Oct. 22nd | Nov. 6th | Nov. 20th | Dec. 4th | Jan. 8th | Jan. 22nd | Feb. 5th | Feb. 22nd | Mar. 4th | Mar. 18th | Apr. 14th

Fellowship Leadership

Ms. Michelle Biller-Levy

Ms. Michelle Biller-Levy

Mr. Aharon Nissel

Mr. Aharon Nissel

2023-2024 Fellows

Shachar Binyamin
Rhiannon Chajmovicz
Jordan Cohen
Charlotte Guedalia
Shayna Herszage-Feldan
Lucy Horowitz
Nathan Kelsey
Angela Lau
Zara Mellits
Jonathan Mosesson
Talia Ritholtz
David Schwartzman
Zevi Siegal
Leah Slaten
Adira Smirnov
Emma Sukenik
David Weintraub

2022-2023 Fellows

Zachary Beer
Tadhg Cleary
Chana Fisch
Sofia Freudenstein
Shlomo Friedman
Amanda Goldstein
Max Hollander
Ruthie Hollander
Natalia Jacobowitz
Jason Lieberman
Jacob Mitrani
Sarah Ratner
Shoshana Rosenzweig
Donny Steinberg
Eric Tepper
Sophie Tulkoff
Shira Wein
Doniel Weinreich

2021-2022 Fellows

Ben Birkeland
Liat Fischer
Zak Fleischman
Yehuda Fogel
Sam Gelman
Danielle Harris
Aliza Isaacs
Miriam Pearl Klahr
Talya Koschitzky
Yael Mayer
Harris Mevorah
Rachel Meyer
Jasmine Peled-Schwartz
Dani Ritholtz
Shalhevet Schwartz
Leib Wiener
Aaron Wildavsky

2020-2021 Fellows

Bella Adler
Orly Arbit
Avi Chefitz
Dalia Gatoff
Adin Goldstein
Mitchell Gronowitz
Ricki Heicklin
Shira Huberfeld
Rafael Jacobovitz
Emily Jelen
Adena Kleiner
Seffi Kogen
Mollie Landes
Tamar Lindenbaum
Natan Oliff
David Quintas
Benjamin (Bentie) Rabinovitch
Pinchas Teitz

2019-2020 Fellows

Franni Bernstein
Danielle Blustein Hass
Shua Brick
Hannah Brody
Gabrielle Glenn
Andrew Gluck
Shira Hanau
Zoe Heisler
Elinatan Kupferberg
Noam Mintz
Danielle Orenshein
Daniella Panitch
Joseph Quintas
Eliana Rohrig
Olivia Rosenzweig
Sarah Samuels
Rebecca Schwartz
Jeremy Shechter
Rebecca Sichel
Sarah Sichel
Joshua Trachtenberg
Noam Weinreich