Our Programs

Our programs are designed to include parents and young adults in the conversations generated by our faculty work and action research.


Guiding Good Choices

Guiding Good Choices is a parenting program under the auspices of the Center for Communities that Care (CTC) at the University of Washington. Facilitated by SAR High School faculty members, who are trained by CTC’s Guiding Good Choices program, parents participate in a series of five 2-hour sessions to help them strengthen their relationships with their children, support their children in making healthy choices, and manage family conflict.

Makom B’Siach

Makom B’Siach is a yearlong fellowship for parents of SAR students and graduates who are looking to make a commitment to their own Torah learning. The program draws individuals with a wide variety of Jewish backgrounds who are seeking to study in an open, investigative, curious learning environment guided by the values and ideals of SAR’s Grand Conversation. It is taught by longtime SAR High School faculty Dr. Tammy Jacobowitz and Ms. Shuli Taubes.

Siach Graduate Fellowship

The Machon Siach Graduate Fellowship is a yearlong fellowship in which a cohort of young professionals, with the participation of SAR faculty members and guest speakers, engages in text study, conversation, reflection and leadership, on a range of topics that confront the American Modern Orthodox community.

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